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Vasectomy Near Me

in Boston, MA

If you are living in Brookline Massachusetts and want to get a vasectomy, you have come to the right place.  Northeast Vasectomy and Family Planning is fully at your service.

Vasectomy as a Male Sterilization Method Boston, MA 

A vasectomy is a permanent birth control procedure. Another name for it is male sterilization. The estimated amount of vasectomies in the United States every year, is between 175,000 and 354,000, although the amount of men undergoing the procedure in some countries, like the United Kingdom, has significantly reduced over the years.


No one knows for sure why the number of vasectomy procedures every year keeps diminishing, but some assume that it could be related to people wanting children later in life. Some men, with the knowledge of the current high divorce rate, avoid the procedure believing that their current marriage might hit a rock and that their next partner might want babies. There is no question that this is a valid speculation.

The Failure Rate For Vasectomies Boston, MA

The procedure has a very low failure rate, with post-operation pregnancy rates varying from 0.2% to 0.4%. Simply put, it has a pregnancy prevention effectiveness of over 99 percent, immediately after a semen analysis has been carried out and it has been shown that there’s no more sperm present in the man’s semen.


A vasectomy is a surgical procedure but the cost of a tubal ligation (also known as female sterilization) is nearly five times as much as that of a vasectomy. It may be helpful to ask the physician before you opt for a vasectomy, if the state you are in has any specific requirements regarding sterilization or general conditions to be met. There can be stipulated periods of waiting, legal age limits, compulsory therapy and spousal approval in some cases.

Our Three step process

Step 1

Make an appointment for your initial consultation visit.  You can call or register online.


If you are ready, you may also have your vasectomy the same day.   (Note: some insurances require a wait period between consultation and getting the procedure.)

Step 2

Get the vasectomy.  It usually takes less than 15 minutes using our quick no-scalpel method.

That day, relax with your legs up.  Rest for 1-2 days.  Wait a week for any really strenuous activity.

Step 3

Follow up: 2-3 months after your vasectomy drop off a semen sample. 

You won't notice a difference, so we'll check for any sperm under a microscope to make sure you have the all clear! 

Alternative Forms of Permanent Birth Control Boston, MA

One alternative to a vasectomy requires binding the tubes of a woman (tubal ligation).

The cost of undergoing a vasectomy is often much smaller than that of a tube ligation, although depending on the clinic you choose and your insurance coverage, it tends to vary. Non-financial costs are a lot higher for tubal ligation also, with the risk of death or at least complications much greater than that of a vasectomy.


In a certain research, it was found that men that had acquired higher education and earned more money were a lot more likely to choose vasectomy, while women who had little to no education and low income were likely to opt for sterilizing their tubes.

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How does a vasectomy work? Boston, MA

The testes contain sperm, the small cells that merge with an egg to induce conception. Sperm exits the testicles via two channels called vas deferens, and combines with other liquids to produce semen. If it gets into a uterus, the sperm that your semen contains could induce conception.

A vasectomy cuts or blocks each vas deferens tube, effectively hindering sperm from flowing out to mix with the other fluids that make up semen. Sperm cells are

The way an orgasm or ejaculation feels (cumming) does not get affected by vasectomies. After a vasectomy, the sperm (cum) will still appear, smell and taste the same — you just can't make someone pregnant with it.

One of the most common types of birth control is a vasectomy (also referred to as male sterilization). When it comes to pregnancy prevention, it is almost always 100% successful.

Does a vasectomy work? Boston, MA

The most effective form of birth control for anyone with a penis and a testicle is a vasectomy. Vasectomies can prevent pregnancy at nearly 100% effectiveness—but not instantly. It takes approximately 3 months to make your semen sperm-free.

Didn't find the information you were looking for here? 

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subsequently consumed by the body, since they do not leave the testicles. The semen (cum) will not contain any sperm around 3 months after a vasectomy, so this way, a conception can never be induced. The amount of semen you had before will still be the same. It's not going to contain any sperm though.

A couple of months after the procedure, the surgeon will conduct a simple test called a semen examination to check if your semen still contains sperm. You will use a special condom when having intercourse to obtain the semen sample, or you could use a cup when masturbating. When there is no sperm left in your body, the doctor will tell you that the vasectomy is now effectively acting as a birth control.

Unprotected sex shouldn't be had until the doctor says it's okay to.

What to Expect: Recovery in Boston, MA

Your doctor will prescribe painkillers for you after the surgery. It's usually acetaminophen, also know as Tylenol. The physician will also advise you on how to handle the scrotum during healing period.


Without stitching, the wounds will self-heal. However, the gauze dressing covering the holes will have to be changed at home.


It is natural to ooze and bleed in small amounts. After the first 24 hours, this should be over.


You will not need gauze pads thereafter, but you will want the region to stay clean. After a day or so, it is safe to take a shower, but dry the scrotum carefully. Use a towel to pat softly instead of rubbing the surface.


During the first 36 hours or thereabout after the vasectomy, bags of frozen vegetable or Ice packs can help to reduce pain and swelling. Before you place it on your body, make sure you wrap the frozen vegetables or ice pack in a towel.


For the first week following the procedure, avoid sex or ejaculation. Remember to not do any heavy lifting, running, and other stressful activities for a week or more. In 48 hours, you should be able to return to work and regular life.

Possible Complications Boston, MA

Within the first couple of days after the operation, it's quite normal to feel some pain and discomfort. Complications arising is quite unlikely. If they do, symptoms may include:

- Swelling, redness and scrotum oozing (signs of an infection)

- Difficulty urinating


- Discomfort which the prescription medicines cannot manage.


- The buildup of semen that causes a lump in your testes can be another post-vasectomy risk. Sperm granuloma is       what it is known as. The introduction of an NSAID can help to alleviate some pain and minimize lump                         inflammation.


- Granulomas usually vanish after a while, though a steroid injection may be necessary to accelerate the process.


- Hematomas often disappear without treatment. But if during the weeks after the operation you experience pain        and swelling, call the doctor soon for a follow-up consultation.

If you are ready to get your vasectomy or simply want to make enquires, call Northeast Vasectomy and Family Planning (617) 368-0090 now!

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