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No-Scalpel Vasectomy

in Brookline, MA

A vasectomy is a procedure performed to sterilize a person. Sperm will not combine with semen anymore, after the process. The fluid that the penis ejaculates subsequently will be sperm-free.


In a vasectomy, two minor incisions in the scrotum by a scalpel, had always been necessary. However, vasectomies without scalpel became a popular option for many people in the United States, in the 1980s.


The no-scalpel technique results in faster recovery and less bleeding while having the same effectiveness as a traditional vasectomy.


About 500,000 people get a vasectomy every year in the United States. They do this with the goal of controlling pregnancy and childbirth. Approximately 5 percent of married men who are of reproductive age get vasectomies, so as to prevent themselves from having any children, or having more if they already have enough children.

No-scalpel vasectomy vs traditional vasectomy Brookline, MA 

How the surgeon gains access to the vas deferens is the only major difference between no-scalpel and traditional vasectomy. The vas deferens are the ducts that transfer sperm to the urethra from the testicles, where it is then combined with semen.


The surgeon makes an incision on both sides of the scrotum to access the vas deferens, in traditional surgery. The vas deferens are clamped from outside the scrotum in a no-scalpel vasectomy, and a small needle is inserted to make a hole in the scrotum, through which the ducts can be reached.


In a 2014 study, there were almost 5 times less hematomas (blood clots triggering inflammation underneath the skin), infections and other complications for no-scalpal technique than traditional vasectomy.


It can also be performed faster than a regular vasectomy and does not need sutures to cover up incisions. A vasectomy without scalpel often ensures that there's less pain and bleeding.

Our Three step process

Step 1

Make an appointment for your initial consultation visit.  You can call or register online.


If you are ready, you may also have your vasectomy the same day.   (Note: some insurances require a wait period between consultation and getting the procedure.)

Step 2

Get the vasectomy.  It usually takes less than 15 minutes using our quick no-scalpel method.

That day, relax with your legs up.  Rest for 1-2 days.  Wait a week for any really strenuous activity.

Step 3

Follow up: 2-3 months after your vasectomy drop off a semen sample. 

You won't notice a difference, so we'll check for any sperm under a microscope to make sure you have the all clear! 

What to expect: Procedure Brookline, MA

In the 48 hours prior to your no-scalpel surgery, be sure to skip drugs like aspirin.   Having such drugs in your body before any procedure can increase your chances of developing bleeding problems.


Please inquire about any other drugs or medicines that you usually take, with your physician. It's possible that before the procedure, some may have to be stopped.


A vasectomy falls under the class of outpatient procedures. You can go back home on the same day that the procedure was performed.


Be sure to put on clothes that are comfortable and bring along an athletic supporter (jockstrap) that you can wear home.

You may want to trim the hair on your scrotum and around it. This can make it less uncomfortable to remove the bandaid, and will make the skin disifectant wash dry faster.


Review everything that you need to do with your doctor's office. In the days leading to your vasectomy, your surgeon will give you a number of instructions to follow.  Please review the pre-op instructions attached to your intake form.


You will keep your clothes on for the procedure; simply lower your pants and undergarments and lie comfortable on your back. A local anesthetic will be given to you by your physician. This will create a feeling of numbness of a small area of skin and around the vasa tubes so that you will not experience pain or discomfort. After that your procedure should be pain free!


The surgeon will feel around and locate the vas deferens underneath your skin, during the actual procedure. Once the ducts are found a special tiny holder is used to stabilize it underneath the skin.  You may feel pressure around the scrotum or nothing at all while this is done.


A small hole will be made throgh the scrotum skin and to the tube with a special fine-tipped vasectomy instrument. The next step would be to pull the vas deferens through the tiny opening and block them one at a time. Blocking is done with heat and a small titanium clip or silk suture to keep one end covered with it's own sheath.  Lastly, the vas deferens will be restored back to normal position by the surgeon.  The other tune is accessed through the same opening. 


The possibility of staying fertile in the first couple of weeks after the operation is an important thing to consider. Make use of other birth control methods until you're sure that your semen is sperm-free, usually in 2-3 months.  It might not be for up to six months after the procedure.


In the first few months after a vasectomy, the physician will recommend you ejaculate many times and bring a sample in for analysis.

Estimated Vasectomy Cost Brookline, MA

We strive to make our excellent vasectomy services affordable and accessible for everyone. Any form of vasectomy can require coughing up as much as $2,000 without insurance.  Our maximum out of pocket cost is $800.


Consult with your health insurance company or the local public health department for more information on payment options.  We accept most insurances.


The costs may be fully covered, not only by certain insurance companies but also by medicaid and other public programs.

Register online and request your appointment date.  Or Call:

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For Boston area scheduling: (617) 879-9827

Northeast Vasectomy (General)

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Vasectomy Reversal Brookline, MA

Reversal of a vasectomy may be requested by people who have undergone the procedure and are now looking for a way to restore back their fertility.

There are many types of reversal procedures, including re-attachment of the cut vas deferens for vasectomy reversal. Having a new partner and desiring to start a new family is the main reason people request a reveral procedure. Occasionally, a couple would change their minds about having kids and request for a reversal.

Reversal of vasectomy does not always guarantee fertility restoration. Reversal of procedures that are below 10 years old, are often the most successful.

The Takeaway Brookline, MA

A vasectomy without the use of scalpels can be a safe and effective way to control conception. The failure rate can be as small as 0.1 percent when done by doctors with experience.

Didn't find the information you were looking for here? 

Check out our FAQ page. 

Because it is designed to be permanent and because a reversal of vasectomy comes with no guarantee, you and your spouse should consider the results and effects carefully before making the decision.


A vasectomy normally does not affect sexual function. Masturbation and intercourse will feel how they've always felt, but you'll just be releasing semen when you ejaculate. Your testicles can still produce sperm, but these cells, like every other cell that fails and is replaced, die and are absorbed by your body.


Speak to our experienced doctor today, if you have any concerns or questions about no-scalpel vasectomy. The more information you have available to you, the better the choice you make will be.


If you are in Brookline Massachusetts, Boston Massachusetts, or anywhere convenience in New England and wish to get in touch with Northeast Vasectomy and Family Planning, call (617) 879-8927 now!

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