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Dr. Sarah Miller, MD MPH

Dr. Sarah Miller is a board-certified family physician and family planning specialist with over a decade of experience providing primary care and family planning services in New York and Massachusetts.  Dr. Miller has trained medical students, residents, and fellows through academic affiliations with Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, the Institute for Family Health, and Boston Medical Center.  She teaches medical professionals procedural care and ways to integrate full-spectrum family planning services into the primary care setting.  One of her passions is working to enhance the involvement of men in reproductive health.  She has traveled to the Philippines and Haiti as a vasectomy expert with No Scalpel Vasectomy International and serves on the medical advisory board of World Vasectomy Day.  She has returned to her roots in the Boston area and is pleased to join a small but active group of providers of men's reproductive health services.  She set up Northeast Vasectomy and Family Planning as a means to promote family planning services for men (and trans women).

Read about Dr. Miller at Men's Health and Reproductive Health Access. And Spring 2024 in Barnard Magazine.


I recently had a vasectomy performed by Dr. Miller, and I can say that she made the whole process from consultation , to procedure as well as aftercare, very accommodating. I think what made me decide to choose her for the procedure is for several reasons. One being her knowledge and experience, also that she shows genuine thought and care towards patients . Whether it was questions regarding what to expect prior to the procedure , or post vasectomy questions, she always took the time to address my concerns herself. The process itself was done in 20 minutes and she made sure that the surroundings were as comfortable as possible during the process. I'm glad I chose her for this procedure . My impression before the vasectomy was that she does it because she cares about making a positive difference and this impression was confirmed after the vasectomy as well. I can say if you are thinking of getting a vasectomy there might be other doctors as good but none could be better than Dr. Miller.

Review by JM

I found Dr. Miller after researching for doctors who do scalpel-less vasectomies in NYC. I researched her credentials and she seemed skilled in general and experienced with this procedure specifically. Also important to me was the fact that we both obviously share some core values regarding the importance of family planning and reproductive rights. The fact that she's generally awesome and practices karate was a bonus!

I've scheduled a 1:1 appointment with Dr. Miller at her clinic in the Bronx to meet her in person and ask a few questions - Dr. Miller was super friendly and accommodating! She explained the procedure in details and even helped me find and feel the vasa tubes!

For the procedure itself I went to the "The Institute For Family Health" at Union Square. The staff was friendly and I embarrassed myself by needlessly taking my clothes off for the operation - the Dr. actually had me wear all my clothes including my shoes so it will be easier for me to just pull my pants up and leave afterwords.


The procedure itself was quick, pain-free and without incidents. Dr. Miller explained everything she was doing and because I'm curious and not squeamish, I was on my elbows and watching the whole thing as she was operating - it was fascinating! My partner was there for support and Dr. Miller put on some music for the background (you get to choose what you want to hear!)

The recovery process was fairly quick - I started having sex again after 3 days and felt like I never even had a surgery within 2 weeks. To my understanding, most patients recover even faster. I suspect I was too eager to get back in action in order to prove a point and it would have been smart to wait a day or two more for a faster recovery.

Now, three months later, I just got a call from Dr. Miller that my semen is sperm-free and I am very happy.

My sex life and my sex drive are at least as good as before and are in fact improved since I don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancy! 

- Review by SW

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