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Getting A vasectomy

in the Boston Area

So, you've decided to get a no scalpel vasectomy.  What's next? 


Vasectomy In General

Vasectomy is a simple, safe, and effective form of permanent birth control.  With Northeast Vasectomy and Family planning, vasectomy is a gentle, office-based procedure that takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Vasectomy works by blocking the tubes (vas deferens) that carry sperm from the testicles.  This prevents sperm from entering the semen.  You will have little or no discomfort during the vasectomy.  We use a minimally-invasion "no scalpel" vasectomy technique.  No-scalpel vasectomy uses special small tools to reach the vas tubes by making one small opening in the scrotum without cutting.  Because this opening is so small, stitches are not needed.  It's different from the “classic” vasectomy that makes two larger openings on the scrotum and sometimes needs stitches.  The chance of complications is less with the “no scalpel” technique and the patient usually feels much more comfortable.  Recovery is faster.  No scalpel vasectomy is as effective as classic vasectomy for birth control.  No matter the technique, vasectomy is permanent.

Our Three step process

Step 1

Make an appointment for your initial consultation visit.  You can call or register online.


If you are ready, you may also have your vasectomy the same day.   (Note: some insurances require a wait period between consultation and getting the procedure.)

Step 2

Get the vasectomy.  It usually takes less than 15 minutes using our quick no-scalpel method.

That day, relax with your legs up.  Rest for 1-2 days.  Wait a week for any really strenuous activity.

Step 3

Follow up: 2-3 months after your vasectomy drop off a semen sample. 

You won't notice a difference, so we'll check for any sperm under a microscope to make sure you have the all clear! 

How do you prepare for a vasectomy with Northeast Vasectomy?

Avoid aspirin and other “blood-thinner” medications for a week before your procedure.  If you take aspirin or other medications for a serious medical issue discuss this with us and with your regular provider before holding.  Wash with soap on the morning of your procedure.  Wear (or bring) tight underwear or a scrotal support (e.g. jock strap) on your procedure day.  You can buy a jockstrap at a sporting goods store or online, although snug briefs may work just as well.  Make sure you have a light meal or snack before your vasectomy because being hungry can make you lightheaded.  If applicable, bring a copy of your signed sterilization consent form.  Feel free to bring a partner or support person along for the experience!


Book Your Appointment Now

Register online and request your appointment date.  Or Call:

1180 Beacon St. LLD, Brookline, MA

For Boston area scheduling and General Questions: (617) 879-9-VAS

Northeast Vasectomy (follow up): (617) 368-0090

During Your Vasectomy

What surprises most men during a no-scalpel vasectomy is that the procedure is much more gentle than they expect.  On the day of your vasectomy, you will review the procedure with the physician, ask any questions you may have, and go over consent forms. The actual procedure is fairly quick, between eight and thirty minutes, depending on your particular body shape. It takes place in a regular exam room, with the doctor and at least one assistant. You will keep your pants and underwear on but let them fall to your

lower legs while your “private parts” are covered with a surgical drape. We use an antiseptic solution to clean the skin. The doctor examines the area and then applies a local anesthetic to the skin and tubes. This usually causes minimal or no discomfort. After the local anesthetic, you should be completely numb in the area of the vasectomy. Your comfort is very important. If you want, you can have a support person in the room and/or listen to music. For the procedure itself, the doctor will access the vas tubes through a single tiny opening in the skin, then cauterize and separate the tubes. For extra security, one end of each tube is also covered over with a tie or clip to prevent the ends from accidentally rejoining. After the procedure, the tiny skin opening is so small that it can be covered with a regular bandaid. Most men are pleasantly surprised by the whole process and say they would recommend the procedure to their friends.

After Your Vasectomy

You will get detailed written and spoken instructions for after your

vasectomy. The information here is for a general idea of the aftercare

process: On the day of your vasectomy, plan to rest with

your feet up and limit your activity to minimal movements.

For the first 24 hours, keep the bandage and wear your snug

underwear or athletic support. You may experience some soreness, mild swelling, or bruising of the scrotum.  You can take acetaminophen, naproxen, or ibuprofen for any discomfort.  Don’t take aspirin for 2 days after the vasectomy. For comfort, you can also use a bag of ice or frozen peas for up to 20 minutes at a time. You can go back to your regular, non-strenuous activities the day after your procedure. For 2-3 days, take it easy. Do not do any heavy activity and do not have sex. Wear tight underpants whenever you are up for 2 days, and during moderate activity for 7 days. You may start sports and heavy physical activity again after 7 days. If you would like to, you can resume sexual activity after 2-3 days, but in general it is good to “take it easy” for the first two weeks. It is normal to have some blood in the semen for the first few ejaculations. You will be given a follow-up sheet with instructions including a contact number for Dr. Miller. Call with any questions regarding post-vasectomy care. One of the most important parts of post-vasectomy care is the post-vasectomy semen check. Vasectomy is a highly-effective method of birth control, but it takes several months to work, and very rarely the tubes can grow back together. DO NOT STOP YOUR OTHER BIRTH CONTROL. The only way to be sure that your vasectomy has worked is to look under a microscope! So, make sure to bring a semen sample during the time frame written on your aftercare instructions. You should continue to think of yourself as “fertile” (able to get someone pregnant) until you get the “all clear” results back from your semen analysis.

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