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vasectomy Cost

in Boston, MA

You might be thinking of a vasectomy if you have decided that you have enough children or simply do not want any children at all. How much does this procedure cost? Are these procedures generally covered by health insurance? If you would like to know how the cost of a vasectomy compares with other birth control methods, please read on.

Average Vasectomy Cost In Boston, MA 

A vasectomy in the USA costs anything between 300 and 3000 dollars. That price would typically cover the first consultation you go for, the procedure itself, anesthesia and semen screening after the procedure (2 or 3 of them may be needed after your vasectomy).


While all of these are usually included in a single price, some doctors or clinics may ask that you pay for each separately, so be sure to ask about that when looking for potential doctors. For both forms of vasectomy, in most instances, the price is the same: no-scalpel and traditional vasectomy.


Depending on where your surgery takes place, the costs of vasectomy may differ significantly. A vasectomy is usually carried out by a board-certified urologist at a doctor's office, surgical hospital or clinic. If it's in a surgical facility, the vasectomy might cost higher than expected, as some of these hospitals charge additional costs for utilization of the facility. It is also important to remember that the cost may sometimes be increased by the complications or side effects of a vasectomy.

Our Three step process

Step 1

Make an appointment for your initial consultation visit.  You can call or register online.


If you are ready, you may also have your vasectomy the same day.   (Note: some insurances require a wait period between consultation and getting the procedure.)

Step 2

Get the vasectomy.  It usually takes less than 15 minutes using our quick no-scalpel method.

That day, relax with your legs up.  Rest for 1-2 days.  Wait a week for any really strenuous activity.

Step 3

Follow up: 2-3 months after your vasectomy drop off a semen sample. 

You won't notice a difference, so we'll check for any sperm under a microscope to make sure you have the all clear! 

Weighing the Costs of a Vasectomy vs. Other Forms of Birth Control Boston, MA

If we do not discuss the cost of not undergoing a vasectomy, a discussion on the cost of a vasectomy would not be complete. The result of the surgery is an important consideration if you are certain that you want to eliminate all chances of a pregnancy. There is a substantial cost attached to having another child— even though that child would still be loved as much as a planned one!


Moreover, when comparing the amount you'll spend on a vasectomy to the alternatives available to you, it is not just unplanned pregnancies that should be taken into consideration. There are also other types of birth control methods that you'll find to be far more expensive from either your pocketbook or your safety and well-being perspective.


The birth control pill is quite affordable, but if the monthly costs of pills are added up for all the time leading up to menopause, the cost of a vasectomy will definitely seem more attractive. And that's only the cost in terms of cash.


Some women have really uncomfortable side effects, such as gaining pounds in weight and having mood swings. The pill may also mildly increase the risk of breast cancer in women with a genetic predisposition. An IUD may be extremely effective in a monogamous relationship but it can also lead to potential problems, such as perforation or infection.


The continuous use of contraceptives like condoms, might or might not cost more than a vasectomy, from the male contraceptive point of view. This depends on your taste and how often you need it. A vasectomy however, is much more comfortable from a non-monetary point of view. Nevertheless, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases does not decrease with vasectomy as it does with a condom.


When you are trying to choose a form of birth control, there are many other things to consider, but the gist here is that the cost–in terms of cash at least–may be small compared to other factors.

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Medical Insurance Coverage Boston, MA

Many medical insurance companies cover the costs of vasectomy when it's done as an outpatient operation, but you should confirm from the insurance provider that it comes with vasectomy benefits. If the set amount for your yearly deductible has been reached, your medical insurance company is likely to pay for all or at least most of your vasectomy expenses. Check to see if you can apply, as you may also be able to cover the cost of your vasectomy with Medicaid or other state programs in your vicinity.

Many hospitals or clinics can offer you a variable scale fee, calculated based on your income, if you don't have a medical insurance plan. You can check with your doctor to see if he'd be willing to give you a discount on the cost of your vasectomy, or whether if you pay cash, a negotiated payment plan can be created. Do make sure to ask your doctor about the payment options that he accepts also.


If you plan to undergo irreversible sterilization, ensure that you are certain of the decision and the after effects. If you are, you can start looking into several urologists and their vasectomy charges.

The Cost of Reversal Boston, MA

A vasectomy reversal can cost between $3,000 & $15,000, and this procedure is not covered by most health insurance companies. Apart from this procedure costing a fortune, the success rate for fertility restoration and successful conception varies significantly.

Didn't find the information you were looking for here? 

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Generally, the longer the space of time between the original procedure and the reversal, the higher the chances that the reversal will be unsuccessful.

Bottom Line for Vasectomy in Boston, MA

Generally, a vasectomy costs between 300USD & 3,000USD. It is however, necessary to consider the various non-monetary costs when making this important decision. Ultimately, those costs must be measured against the long-term effects of other temporary and permanent methods of birth control.


Several factors are involved in choosing the best form of birth control, including the desires of both spouses, the health risks associated with each method and even the possibility of later reconsidering the decisions that you've made.


It is important to discuss with your spouse deeply and thoroughly, and then speak to your healthcare provider after.


If you are in Boston Massachusetts and you would like to get more information or enquire about our vasectomy services, call Northeast Vasectomy and Family Planning today! Reach us at (617) 368-0090. We are waiting to hear from you!

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