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WE ARE OPEN for business to care for your vasectomy and family planning needs.  The health, safety, and well-being of our patients, staff, and communities remain our top priorities. 
Please hover over this box to see the COVID-19 precautions we take to keep us all healthy and strong.

2022 COVID-19 Policy for Northeast Vasectomy and Family Planning:

  • We space out appointments and stay on schedule.  This keeps contact with others to a minimum during your visit.  Please come on time for your appointment.  Call if you are more than 10 minutes early or late.
  • We follow recommendations for disinfecting office spaces, and our waiting room has enough space for 3-4 people to stay well over 6 feet apart.
  • All patients and staff must wear a mask at all times while in the office.
  • Our staff are vaccinated.  We encourage eligible community members to get vaccinated.
  • All patients, visitors, and staff are screened on entrance to the office.
  • You may bring one support person with you to your appointment.  Support persons must adhere to the same policies re mask and illness.
  • If you have a fever, cough, or other sick symptoms, or are on quarantine for exposure to COVID-19 stay home.  We will reschedule.  Please contact your regular healthcare provider for what to do if sick.  Call 911 if seriously ill.
  • Policies may change as we focus on serving our patients and doing what is best for public health.

Gentle, no-scaLPEL vasectomy

No-Scalpel Vasectomy is a simple, safe, and effective form of permanent birth control.

Vasectomy and Family Planning Services

Minimally invasive,
no scalpel technique


Expert doctor

10-20 minute procedure

Heading 2

Why a no-scalpel Vasectomy? 

​No-scalpel vasectomy is worry-free, permanent contraception. 

  • No (noticeable) change in the semen 

  • No change in sex drive or climax sensation 

  • No change in the testes

  • No change in erections

  • No need to use other birth control

  • You will be her hero!!!

To speak with us about your questions and to schedule an appointment, call:

1180 Beacon St. Suite LLD, Brookline, MA  (Boston area)



(convenient for southeast Massachusetts and Rhode Is)

Northeast Vasectomy

For scheduling or General questions:  (617) 879-9827

So You’re Thinking about Vasectomy…

Northeast Vasectomy: No-Scalpel Vasectomy Brookline, Boston, New York

Vasectomy is simply a process of accessing the vasa (the tubes that carry sperm from the testes) and blocking these tubes. Traditionally, the vas tubes were accessed by cutting into the scrotum with a scalpel. In the 1970s a doctor in China developed a more gentle technique using very fine tools to access the tubes through a tiny puncture. This "no-scalpel" technique has fewer complications and most patients find the method to be surprisingly gentle. During her fellowship in Family Planning, Dr. Miller learned to perform vasectomies. She perfected her surgical skills both in the United States and internationally.  She  continues working to optimize her patients experiences and to expand access to vasectomy services in New York City and now throughout Massachusetts.  She has lead numerous talks and workshops about vasectomy, and trains other physicians on the no scalpel technique.

Vasectomy is a method of permanent contraception. Across the world, vasectomy is becoming more and more popular. Vasectomy is simple, permanent, and highly effective. Dr. Sarah Miller is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and Family Planning specialist who has done hundreds of vasectomies over the years.


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